About Us
General Information
Here you'll find some details about HairbyKen and our Mobile Service in Townsville. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.
NSW T.A.F.E Honors Grade Qualified Ladies Hairdresser (2nd Place Finalist for Hairdressing Trade, 1986). Over 30 years experience. 7 years Mobile Service in Townsville. Constantly updating and training to better serve his customers.
Generally. Our mobile service covers all of the main township areas of Townsville. We will happily attend outlying areas for groups and events (e.g. Wedding Parties) But be advised: Travel & Parking fees may apply for rim areas and beyond.
We are fully-equipt and bring everything required (even a chair) for any pre-arranged services. We have a mobile basin etc for wet work (shampooing and rinsing, if required) We also sweep up afterwards.