Do I have to shampoo my hair before you get there ?

For regular services like cutting, the choice is yours. I bring a basin and everything else needed to perform shampooing and any other wet in Salon treatment. For upstyles: I prefer clean dry hair when I arrive. Usually shampooing and conditioning the day before is fine.

What about travel and parking fees ?

Travel fees may apply for visiting locations outside the main township areas of Townsville. However, it also depends on what services are required. e.g. Traveling outside my artea for just a haircut is not profitable. Parking fees, if any, will apply. A $60 fee applies for attending Magnetic island.

Do I have to tip my head into a sink?

No. Mobile Hair by Ken is a fully equipt service. I have a portable basin, chair and catchment drum so it is unnecessary. However, people with certain disabilities may prefer to rinse etc. with their heads forward, and of course this is also possible.

Should I have a trial for a special event hairstyle?

I always prefer trialling hairstyles before very important events. And in any case, I would like to receive an email from you with the type of hairstyle you are thinking of before an event as this helps me prepare, knowing what to bring to achieve the look in advance.